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The following stories have been written by several of the practice members of ActiveFamilyChiropracticCenter over the years. One similar theme is that most people initially sought care due to some type of symptom, typically back pain, but they all experienced improvements in their health in a very different and dramatic way that they were not initially expecting. This type of experience happens in chiropractic offices all over the world, and is the reason I LOVE this profession. Please enjoy these stories. They have been sorted by theme for your ease of read.”  Dr. Cathy Taylor, D.C.

Testimonial topics:  Physical performance, Neck pain, Headaches, Arm pain, Numbness, Stomach pain, Pregnancy, Family and wellness care, Child care (Immune issues, Ear infections, Bed wetting, ADD/ADHD, Asthma), Brain injury, Pain relief, Female issues and Scoliosis


Physical Performance

“I’ve always had times where my back would either “go out” or hurt. The last time I really tweaked myself I decided to go to a chiropractor.  During my examination, Dr. Taylor directed questions at me, which made me think. I had friends that were seeing chiropractors that seemed to be benefiting physically from their sessions and it really seemed to enhance their performance. I finally decided to make the lifestyle change and seek chiropractic not only for relief, but for long-term health.

Since my sessions I’ve noticed an almost immediate change in my strength and performance in the sport I love most, cycling.  Before long-term chiropractic I suffered from fatigue and lack of strength. Now I recover on a more consistent basis and my strength on my bike has done a complete 180 degree turn. I went from a pack rider to the front of the pack. I saw my times and placing improving. My overall physical state seems much better and mentally I feel more relaxed.”


“I broke my back from snowboarding and I had horrible experiences with doctors. After meeting Cathy I got off pain killers and began a new look at life. When I first sat down with Cathy she helped me cure problems that I had and the best part was I wasn’t in there for those problems. For example my knee giving out; it was the fact that I’d been riding goofy and my hip had gotten out of alignment. She aligned me and the problem went away. I had gone to a doctor the year before and got no help. Now I know when I have a problem with my health no matter what the pain, I need to share it with her. I don’t feel that I’m complaining because she asks “what’s up?” The best part is she really listens and cares. All of her experience really shines.

I’m so grateful to my chiropractor and I talk about her all the time. My stories are never ending and always positive. Alternative medicine is the natural aid to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
I know since my care with Cathy my whole life has changed. She saved my life. It’s all the elements; Cathy’s energy plus the chiropractic care. To me, she is a very special angel! Always looking out for all of us. I can’t count how many times I’ve walked out of the office and called my mom immediately telling her how great my visit went at Cathy’s. I’m grateful!”


Neck Pain and Headaches, Arm Pain, Numbness

“There I was – flat on my back, unable to move my head and extremely disoriented. I was also suffering from severe migraines – the type that make you sick to your stomach. I was popping pain pills constantly. Nothing was working and I was frightened.

My husband encouraged me to try a Chiropractor, so I called Dr. Cathy Taylor. Thankfully she saw me without delay. Because I was a new patient, she called me later that evening to see how I was feeling after my adjustment. We felt like someone cared.

I’ve been under Dr. Taylor’s care now for two years and have gone from the initial start program, through corrective care and into maintenance. I stick to my scheduled visits (which are difficult at times, because of a busy schedule). However, I decided I’m worth it.

The choice was mine. I could try to find the right medications, stay in bed and rest, take lots of gravol or correct the problem and start enjoying life again. I chose the latter. Dr. Taylor set up a specific program for me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good. I now look after myself. I eat properly, exercise regularly (almost) and I do not take any medication. Above all I try to make all scheduled appointments.

Cathy Taylor and her staff are patient, interested, knowledgeable and supportive. Chiropractic changed my life.”


“I am a 49 year old female who came to Dr. Cathy last November because my left arm was numb in certain positions and it was cramping my lifestyle. I’ve suffered from chronic neck pain since I was 21 years olds after a volleyball struck me on top of the head. It also may have been injured numerous other times by car accidents and motorcycle accidents.

I was desperate – coming from a nursing background, I’d been led to believe that chiropractors were “quacks”. I also had worked for several orthopedic surgeons who expressed this opinion to me. What I was offered was rest and strong pain meds and muscle relaxants. I subsequently became addicted and left nursing, believing that I’d just have to “live with the pain”. Several people told me about chiropractic care and I was willing to try anything.

Subsequently, today I live mostly pain-free, and have quit my Advil-habit. A secondary benefit is that my varicose veins in my leg don’t hurt anymore. Also, my legs are the same length now and I can jog the same distance in less time. (Plus my shoes wear evenly) The numbness in my arm is still there, but is slowly decreasing and I have faith that it will some day be completely gone.

All the above improvements in my physical health can’t help but affect my outlook on life. Today I can honestly say I am happier and look forward to each day with more enthusiasm.”
Note: the numbness in this lady’s arm completely disappeared about a month after she wrote this for us.


“Flow. When I first started my Chiropractic care I was in physical pain. I’d twisted my left knee, and then went on a very stressful family vacation, which left me twisted with tension. My right hip hurt, my upper back and neck were practically immobile. On an intuitive thought and a recommendation from a friend, I came in for my first adjustment, and haven’t looked back.

I am feeling much more secure of myself and the decisions that I am making. I have let go of some toxic relationships, my creativity is flowing like water and my career is taking off. I feel more clarity and balance. I feel much more in tune with who I really am and what is right for me…Oh, and the pain is gone!”


Stomach Pain

“I had never been to a chiropractor before April of 1998, and to be really honest I knew nothing about it.

What I know now and what I feel now are much different from the first day I came here.  I did not really start seeing Dr. Taylor for “back pain”. I had a few things going on with my body. My major complaint was the stomach problems I had been having. This problem had been going on for about 6 to 8 weeks before I started chiropractic care. I had been to an internist who in the end after many expensive tests told me basically – NOTHING! I started seeing Dr. Taylor on April 1st and I have had virtually no stomach complaints since April 3rd!!

I feel so much better in other ways too. The minor complaints I had are better now as well.  I am still learning more and more about chiropractic, but what I have felt so far is great! I couldn’t be more pleased with my chiropractic experience. I plan to continue with care for overall health and well being.”


“I came to chiropractic in desperation, at 37 years of age, with 3 children and a 4th on the way.  I developed severe, prolonged nausea. Unable to move off the couch or bed for a couple of weeks, I experienced back pain in my buttocks and legs. At times, I was unable to walk altogether (sciatica).

Though somewhat suspicious of chiropractic at first, I was unwilling to take pain killers during the pregnancy, and was willing to attempt this method of pain relief.  I received 2 treatments the first day I went in, and within 48 hours was feeling no pain whatsoever. Treatment was intense at first (3x per week), then gradually subsided to once every two weeks.

I have noticed how well I have felt during this pregnancy, especially compared to my last, where I developed varicose veins in the legs and groin.  This pregnancy, I have had no problems with my legs at all, except for a brief six week period just as I was starting chiropractic.  This means no support hose during the summer months!

While I find it difficult to accept all the claims of chiropractic, I cannot argue with pain relief, nor will I repudiate the feelings of general good health since having started this method of therapy.”


Family and Wellness Care

“Everyone in my family, my husband, son and I have been seeing AFCC for over a year now and have to say that this is the best preventative healthcare maintenance program we have ever been on.

My son is an active teen and has been treated by Dr. Taylor for various skiing injuries as well as regular adjustments to keep him adjusted to better his overall athletic performance. We make sure that before and after a big Far West Ski Race that he is adjusted. Aside from helping the physical aspects of his alignment, this also helps him mentally prepare for his race.

I spend a tremendous amount of time in my car for work and need the regular adjustments in order to keep me going.  Whenever I get a cold or sinus infection, I notice a huge difference after getting an adjustment.

Chiropractic care is a part of our lives and will be for many years to come!”



“The biggest testament to chiropractic care is that of my children. With 3 kids, colds, runny noses, flu, etc. is inevitable.  However, chiropractic care has allowed these minor illnesses to remain minor. No need for antibiotics or other drugs. A visit or two to Dr. Cathy and all are feeling well again.”


“Our family has been positively impacted by chiropractic care for many years. My husband and I have been seeing chiropractors for many years before we started having children nearly six years ago. We benefited significantly about ten years ago when we were in a serious car accident. This is when we learned the most about the overall benefits of chiropractic care.

My husband and I were sporadic patients of “Dr. Cathy” as my children call her, for a couple of years.  When our daughter at age two was diagnosed and treated aggressively for asthma, we became more serious about chiropractic treatment, especially for her.  It has been one and a half years of regular weekly and now biweekly treatment for her. Her asthma has improved dramatically. We feel this improvement has a lot to do with her regular treatment with Dr. Cathy.

I have had some troublesome health issues as well, especially during the past year. In July, my lower back went out, and since then, I have been benefiting from weekly adjustments. Some of my other health imbalances have improved significantly during this time.

Even though our feeling of overall health and well being is a work in progress, balance is the first benefit that comes to mind when summing up the overall impact of chiropractic care on all aspects of our lives.

I also wanted to share what a pleasure it is to be part of the community of Active Family Chiropractic. When we walk into the office, it is a good feeling. What a nurturing and supportive environment.  Thank-you!”


“I have climbed higher mountains, swam across deeper seas, and soared the universe.

I feel a greater sense of well being, balance, self respect in caring for myself and general good health.

Cathy has assisted with healing injuries faster and assisting in physical knowledge of the body.”



“Physical: healing of my back – great progress, hip, knee and toe. Every day I feel better because I’m taking much better care of myself.

Mental: way more calm and happy.

Spiritual: chiropractic has turned me on to yoga which is my newest passion. It has totally been life altering – my sprit is so much more positive and because of that I’m able to become more aware of my inner self allowing me to become more nurturing to others.

Family: Well, they say I’m way more tolerable. Before they felt like I needed to conquer the world. I can breathe and my relationship with my parents has blossomed into a whole new beautiful light. I’m grateful for all the new communication in my life. Plus my dog senses the changes in me and I make more time for him and me.

Social: I’m able to control my actions a little better. I’m trying to slow down and listen and control my emotions.

Career: Well, if it weren’t for my career, I would never have found Dr. Cathy. Guiding me to understand what’s really important and letting change happen. The ultimate goal=love, good health, happiness, sunshine and much snow!”


Child Care

“My eight month old son had been sick for four straight months, over half his infant life. Before turning four months old he got a cough and cold. His poor health then progressed to another severe cold, the cough never having gone away. He was treated twice with antibiotics which gave temporary relief, however, the cold and cough would appear again within no time. He was then diagnosed with bronchitis and ultimately, pneumonia. During this frame time, he also had constant ear infections. He had been treated 4-5 times with antibiotics and the last dose had to be continued for three weeks. Upon our last visit o the pediatrician we were told that he had to be placed on yet another course of antibiotics, this on being a three month course at 1/3 the average dose. It was hoped that this would prevent any further ear infections. Something seemed wrong with giving such a small body all these drugs.

Since he had virtually no immune system at this time, a few days later he acquired a horrible flu with extreme vomiting for three days and then extreme diarrhea for seven days. His diapers continued to be soiled 3-4 times per hour, even up to the seventh day. At this time, I pursued alternatives to traditional pediatrics. I contacted an acupuncturist, a homeopathologist and a chiropractor. Since the chiropractor had been highly recommended by a good friend, I began there.

Upon my son’s first visit to Dr. Taylor she examined him and indicated that he was a perfect candidate to chiropractic care. She then performed her first adjustment to him. Within literally one hour, his diarrhea completely stopped. It did not gradually lessen, but stopped altogether. My husband, somewhat skeptical, could also not believe what had happened.

My son has since continued chiropractic care with Dr. Taylor and has had adjustments performed now for four weeks. In this four week period, my son has not been sick at all. His ears still have fluid in them, but do not seem to be infected and continue to get better. He has not acquired the cold that his two older sisters have been carrying for a few weeks which is nothing short of a miracle looking at his poor health history. And the icing on the cake has been that he went from waking 3-4 times per night to sleeping 10 continuous uninterrupted hours since beginning his chiropractic care. It has been a month that I will never forget.

I am now considering chiropractic care for the entire family. Not only having seen the benefits directly and miraculously in our case, it just makes sense to me. Dr. Taylor has been an incredible addition to our health and lives.”


“This is written on behalf of my 13-year-old son. His predicament is one that a kid his age would not speak freely of. For several years he has had a problem with bedwetting. When taken to our family doctor the only suggestion besides waking him through the night was medication. I try not to medicate my kids for prolonged periods of time so we dealt with waking him through the night and praying there were no accidents on sleepovers.

After sustaining a neck injury, I started seeing a chiropractor. I was so pleased with my recovery that I started bringing my kids as a preventive precaution. Kids being kids, they also need adjustments to counter their busy lifestyle. One day I happened to mention my son’s dilemma and to my surprise, my chiropractor said he could help with his situation.

What started out as 1-2 accidents per week soon became 1-2 per month and at this writing I tend to forget when the last accident transpired. If I were to guess I would say it has been at least 2-3 months since the last episode. Our family doctor said we would have to wait for his bladder to catch up with the rest of his body. Now we don’t have to wait for anything except for him to grab his bags and head out for a stress-free sleepover at his friend’s house.

I hope by sharing this letter with other parents it will give them the encouragement they need to try chiropractic as a means to a drug-free remedy.”


“I explored every option I possibly could when my otherwise healthy 12-year-old daughter began to behave extremely irregular. It seemed that as her body matured, her mind responded with moodiness, excessive anger and overall poor attitude. These changes manifested themselves in the form of poor grades and strained personal relationships both within and outside of the immediate family.

Our first stop on the road to wellness was in a psychologist’s office, and thereafter to a psychiatrist’s office. Neither of these professionals was sure of what was going on internally with her. The psychiatrist then decided that she suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and informed me that a regimen of Ritalin should begin. I believed that there had to be another way to positively affect her behavior other than medication, and moreover, I didn’t think she suffered from ADD.

I attended an information session presented by my chiropractor where chiropractic care was discussed including numerous positive benefits associated with proper and regular spinal adjustments. My daughter has had terrific care with the chiropractor to correct those subluxations in her spine.

The end result of our visits to the chiropractor is a happier, much more focused and motivated young lady. My daughter has returned to her “old self” and I believe this is largely due to chiropractic care.”


“Before we heard about the successes in the field of chiropractic, we were taking our son to a pediatrician. Our son has a very severe case of asthma and he was on very strong medications. The pediatrician did everything that a good doctor could do. But sometimes the human body can take only so much and when that happens, the body’s systems need help from within. And that is where our chiropractor comes in.

When our son gets sick, he loses the use of his legs plus there is a discoloration in his legs and lower lip. The chiropractor was very concerned when we first told him this, and she asked if she should see him immediately. On his first visit, the chiropractor asked him what happened when he had attacks. Our son said his legs would hurt as if he had been running for a long time. We noticed that at home he would always lie on the floor when he was having trouble breathing. When he was first seen by the doctor he was still having severe asthma attacks. However, after several adjustments, my husband and I noticed a great change. He hasn’t had any severe attacks. He has cut down on the use of medications for his asthma. We noticed he has more energy. He doesn’t tire as easily. We have found that bringing him to the chiropractor has helped him very much. The doctor has not told us to take him off the asthma medication, but he is not taking as much and to our family that is great success. He knows his body and has been feeling much better. He feels that chiropractic is helping his body to be healthier overall. We like the results we have seen. Chiropractic is great! We believe to the fullest that it works. Our son is proof of that!”


Brain Injury

“Yes, Chiropractic has helped me! I was in a car accident. I was in a coma for two months. I fell during therapy so I went to a chiropractor.  This has helped with my balance and moving my body. It has helped me with my thinking process, to do the right thing for me. Like exercise, what to do and not to.

The balance is the best, if my body is in balance with my head. I feel chiropractic has helped me get my life back together!”


Pain Relief

“My life has changed by finally being able to relax, due to lack of pain. By being free of pain, I am able to do a wider variety of things in all areas of my life, not to forget I’m happier, therefore not as grumpy and somewhat easier to live with.”


“At the age of 28 I began experiencing serious low back pain every couple of months. My doctor (M.D.) only prescribed pain killers. I went to a chiropractor the next time I had serious pain and with two adjustments over two days the pain disappeared. Regular adjustments over the past 17 years have prevented any reoccurrence of serious pain in my lower back.

I was experiencing pain in my right foot that was preventing me from carrying out my regular half hour daily walks. Esthetics prescribed by my chiropractor has eliminated this pain and enabled me to walk for longer periods in comfort. They have also contributed to better spine alignment.”


“Hi! My name is Gianna. I’m a part time cook and mother of three. I went to see Dr. Taylor because I threw my back out while bending over. What I received was more than just an improved back. Since going to the chiropractor I have been able to live a fuller life. I’m not depressed and tired like before. I go for regular bike rides and walks, and I no longer get really bad headaches anymore. Since I’ve seen and felt the benefits of chiropractic medicine, I’ve involved my whole family and we are all very happy. I am really glad that I went to see Dr. Taylor. I only wish she had her practice ten years ago.”



Female Issues

“I experienced severe menstrual dysfunction and pain for over two years and was told I would need a hysterectomy to deal with fibroids. Working with the chiropractor along with a naturopath’s suggested herbs and vitamins, I began having normal periods after two months of treatments. I am extremely grateful to have received this excellent care and thereby avoiding a surgical solution.”



“After teaching school all day and then waiting tables at night, my back finally gave out. I was living in Atlanta and I called my girlfriend from my kitchen floor. Vivian graciously drove me to the ER room and the doctor took x-rays.  Turns out I had/have a moderate scoliosis.

Chiropractic care has strengthened my back; relieved some stress in my jaw and helped many countless headaches. Also it has opened my digestive tract.

Thank-you Dr. Cathy!”







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